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Automated Train Condition Inspections

Assess train condition automatically utilizing sensor technology to mitigate manual inspection

  • Automated proactive condition monitoringThe automated, proactive monitoring of rolling stock condition from wayside mounted non-contact measurement and inspection technologies provides data feeds that can be processed to effectively assess rolling stock condition from component level to full train inspection.
  • Automation enabling condition based maintenanceAs operators move from slow and error-prone manual monitoring of critical components to automated measurements they experience significant maintenance cost savings and enable a path to condition based maintenance practices.
  • Fully automated train inspection systemsBy leveraging the latest in multiple sensor technologies, enhanced data processing algorithms and data modelling, Trimble is working toward fully automated train inspection systems which will dramatically mitigate the need for any manual inspection. These solutions will improve maintenance practices of all rail operators in significant ways.

GET IN TOUCHOn-board or wayside. From operations through to maintenance and repair. Trimble's intelligent rail solutions improve utilization and reliability.


  • R2M

    Trimble® R2M system provides a comprehensive view of fleet status including specific faults and identifies potential faults that may arise.

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  • C2M

    Trimble® C2M system provides full condition monitoring of key components, such as wheels and brakes, reporting on defect identification, wear detection, and automating maintenance planning.

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  • AHView

    Trimble® AHView wayside brake air hose inspection system operates at mainline speeds and uses a high-speed and high-definition imaging system for inspection and measurement of every air hose arrangement.

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  • AOAView

    Trimble® AOAView is a wayside angle-of-attack (AOA) measurement system that is designed to measure AOA on both wheels of a wheelset simultaneously.

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  • BrakeView-Disc

    Trimble® BrakeView®-Disc automatic wayside vision-based system measures and inspects brake discs at mainline speeds using high-speed digital imaging.

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  • BrakeView-Pad

    Trimble® BrakeView®-Pad automatic wayside vision-based system measures and inspects brake pads at mainline speeds using high-speed digital imaging.

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  • BrakeView-Shoe

    Trimble® BrakeView®-Shoe automatic wayside vision-based system measures and inspects brake shoes (blocks) at mainline speeds using multi-camera high-speed digital imaging.

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  • CouplerView-CrossKey

    Trimble® CouplerView®-CrossKey is an automatic wayside detection system that inspects E-Type coupler securement components at mainline speeds.

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  • CouplerView-Pin

    Trimble® CouplerView®-Pin is a machine vision wayside detection system that detects defects in F-type coupler securement mechanisms.

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  • CSCView

    Trimble® CSCView® undercarriage imaging and automated inspection system produces high quality images to inspect undercarriage structural components of railcars (wagons) and locomotives at mainline speeds.

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  • TrainView

    Trimble® TrainView® full scale train imaging and inspection system consists of multiple line and area scan cameras that provide images of the train at mainline speeds with high resolution.

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  • TreadView

    Trimble® TreadView® system is a sophisticated automatic non-contact optical wheel surface inspection product that inspects wheel tread surface, flange, and plate areas at mainline speeds.

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  • TruckView

    Trimble® TruckView® wayside truck (bogie) inspection vision-based system operates at mainline speeds using high-speed and high-definition imaging for inspection and measurement of trucks.

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  • WheelView

    Trimble® WheelView® automatic wayside systems measure the wheel profiles of moving trains for preventative maintenance, maintenance scheduling, derailment prevention, and to reduce track/rail damage caused by excessively worn wheels.

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  • CMMS

    Trimble® CMMS (Condition Monitoring Management System) software is a condition monitoring data management platform that provides a unified environment for wayside detector data.

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  • TrainWatch

    Trimble® TrainWatch software is a powerful virtual train inspection portal that provides a comprehensive environment for train inspectors to inspect a full train using data gathered by wayside equipment.

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