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Trimble BrakeView-Shoe System

Brake shoe (block) inspection

Trimble® BrakeView®-Shoe is an automatic brake shoe (block) inspection system that inspects and measures brake shoes (blocks) at mainline operational speeds.

Trimble BrakeView-Shoe system utilizes high-speed digital imaging together with illumination sources to automated brake shoe (block) inspection. Multiple images of every brake shoe (block) are captured from different angles to generate a complete assessment of the shoe.

The information that BrakeView-Shoe generates enables rolling stock operators to improve and optimize their maintenance processes. Worn shoes and installation defects can be identified and maintained earlier, reducing costly incidents. Data driven predictive maintenance practices can be used to maximize component lifecycles and reduce maintenance costs.

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Key Features

  • Sophisticated image processing algorithms to assess condition and report detected defects.
  • Processed data and images are integrated into the Trimble CMMS™ (Condition Monitoring Management System) software to provide web-based access for data visualization, alarm management, and data analytics.
  • Works in the toughest rail environments and extreme weather conditions at mainline operational speeds.
  • System installation does not require any major track modifications or extended closures.

Inspections & Measurements

Trimble BrakeView-Shoe system inspections and measurements include:

  • Shoe thickness in top and bottom positions.
  • Shoe wear profile.
  • Shoe position with respect to the wheel surface.
  • Missing key detection.
  • Missing shoe detection.
  • Shoe securement key length.

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