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CAS Cab Advisory

In cab advisory

The Trimble® CAS cab advisory system is an on-board solution that informs drivers about train performance, adherence to timetable, energy efficiency, and advises of in-service corrective actions for improved operations.

Facilitates improved driver behavior and greater overall performance

On-board system that informs the driver about on-train performance and adherence to timetable

By facilitating improved driver behavior and timetable conformance the Trimble CAS system minimizes delay penalties and improves overall service to customers. Performance is crowd sourced from all drivers and collated as ideal run profiles in the back-end of the system. Comparing a driver’s adherence to the ideal run profile the system prompts to adjust their run to the constantly updated ideal, ensuring an optimal journey is achieved and performance improved. Timetable, energy, and fuel consumption information is continually updated for the driver’s attention to ensure timetable conformance and energy efficiency.

Log defects when in service improving maintenance

Linked to real-time diagnostic information to alert drivers of potential faults, this tablet-based solution also allows the driver to report issues with the train, live from the cab, directly to the control room and maintenance depot. Relaying real-time fault information provides an intelligent decision and planning support system to ensure effective and rapid fault recovery.

Advises of corrective action

The system advises the driver of in-service failures so corrective action can be taken, improving driver behavior and reducing time out of service. Drivers receive alerts on potential faults and the system also advises the driver, in the event of a fault, on the best recovery actions to keep the train in-service.

Easy to implement

The Trimble CAS on-board advisory system delivers data from Trimble’s R2M remote diagnostic and the Trimble P2M planning and performance management systems to drivers, providing a comprehensive train diagnostic system for the fleet. The system doesn’t incur costly train modifications and provides streamlined processes with minimal requirement for complex training.

Truly portable tablet-based system

Trimble CAS cab advisory eliminates time consuming and error-prone paper systems. Designed for use on a tablet PC (Android™, iOS, or Windows®) the Trimble CAS cab advisory system is truly mobile and can be removed from the cab for use elsewhere.

Improves performance, driver behavior, and adherence to timetable

  • Facilitates improved driver behavior
  • Improved timetable conformance
  • Delay penalties minimized
  • Captures defect information in service
  • Minimizes impact of in-service failures
  • Improved downstream maintenance process
  • Event recording for post journey analysis
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Non-intrusive installation
  • Eliminates time consuming and error-prone paper systems
  • Truly portable tablet-based system


  • Plan and service information including formation length and special stop orders
  • Information on safety or performance restrictions
  • Shows next calling point, train length, time to next stop, and variance to the predicted benchmark run
  • Displays power or fuel used from deviation to benchmark or energy meters
  • Recognition of acceleration and deceleration rates in normal running conditions
  • Driver delay attribution and fault reporting using on-train data
  • Guided recovery assistance
  • Back office analysis tools including performance to timetable
  • Fuel usage and management
  • Information on compliance to environmental standards
  • Interfaces to Enterprise Asset Management systems
  • Integrates with Trimble’s R2M remote diagnostics system
  • Integrates with Trimble’s P2M planning and performance management system
  • Portable tablet-based solution for use on a tablet PC (Android, iOS, or Windows)


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    CAS Cab Advisory

    The Trimble® CAS cab advisory system is an on-board solution that informs drivers about train performance, adherence to timetable, energy efficiency, and advises of in-service corrective actions for improved operations.

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