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Infrastructure Solutions

Mitigate the impact of infrastructure failures by monitoring the condition of assets in real time

For infrastructure owners and operators a major concern is infrastructure failure and how this impacts network operations. These failures result in, at best, loss of revenue from delays and fines, and, at worse, serious safety issues that can cause derailments.

Infrastructure issues and failures are a significant contributor to train service delays so owners and operators are turning to infrastructure monitoring solutions to minimize the impact of failures by monitoring the condition of their asset in real-time.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Rapid identification and prevention of infrastructure issue to increase network operational efficiency

Identifying infrastructure issues before failures happen is the key to avoiding serious issues such as derailments and can prevent loss of revenue attributed to infrastructure failure. By proactively monitoring rail track and other assets for faults, the operations environment can highlight issues that may lead to in-service failures.

Installing rail infrastructure asset monitoring systems gives the real-time status information required to manage infrastructure more intelligently, increasing efficiency across a rail organization.

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Infrastructure Monitoring
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