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Rolling Stock Solutions

Delivering intelligent asset data to rolling stock passenger and freight operators

Operators with passenger or freight rolling stock in the field understand the implications of asset failures. When components fail unexpectedly, or maintenance is poorly managed, operational issues arise resulting in poor asset utilization.

Not identifying failures in a timely manner, preferably before they happen, can mean increased delays or even cancellation of services, resulting in possible penalties, extra costs and loss of revenue. And failures can also lead to safety issues, a major concern.

Implementing Trimble’s end-to-end rail asset lifecycle solutions to maintain rolling stock assets, from remote diagnostics and condition monitoring, to predictive analytics and engineering asset management, improves operational efficiencies and performance.

Remote Diagnostics

Utilize on-train equipment and cloud-based software to deliver real-time fleet-wide remote diagnostic information

Engineering, maintenance, and fleet operations managers of train operating companies need to optimize maintenance programs, increase asset utilization and improve fleet management.

Real-time remote diagnostics provide savings on maintenance by avoiding costs and decreasing staffing time to address faults.

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Remote Diagnostics

Wayside Monitoring

Automatically capture and analyze rolling stock condition to identify and prevent potential failures and issues

The automated, proactive monitoring of rolling stock condition from wayside mounted non-contact measurement technologies provides data feeds that can be processed to effectively assess rolling stock condition from component level to full train inspection.

These solutions can maximize the life of expensive components like wheelsets, enable maintenance cost savings, and increase the predictability of long term maintenance scheduling.

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Wayside Monitoring

Asset Maintenance Management

Enterprise-wide systems that facilitate efficient running of asset maintenance management

Enterprise-wide systems that facilitate efficient running of asset maintenance management. Unified systems for asset maintenance management allow for efficient engineering workshop management and defect reporting, enabling the effective planning of maintenance across engineering depots, resources, and material requirements.

These solutions improve work utilization and resource planning while reducing an organization’s operating costs.

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Engineering Asset Management

Cab Advisory

On-board solutions that inform drivers about train performance and adherence to timetable

On-board cab advisory systems keep a driver informed about a trains performance and adherence to timetables by linking to real-time diagnostic and timetable information. These mobile-platform solutions allow the driver to visualize information on safety or performance restrictions as well as running conditions and fuel usage.

Facilitating improved driver behavior and improved timetable conformance, cab advisory solutions reduce environmental impact by optimizing fuel usage.

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Cab Advisory
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