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Condition Based & Reliability Centered Maintenance

Maximize component or asset usage by keeping it in service longer whilst closely monitoring its condition

  • Better asset monitoring for longer asset lifeTime-based maintenance—where components are maintained based on time and distance traveled, regardless of component condition—can result in significant inefficiencies in the maintenance process with both over or under maintenance of key components.
  • Focusing the maintenance strategies on reliabilityBy utilizing real-time remote diagnostic data and automated wayside measurement of critical components, many operators are adjusting their maintenance strategies to condition based maintenance practices that use data analysis to optimize the time and method of maintenance and repair.
  • Moving from time-based to condition-based maintenanceUsing the Trimble range of rail asset lifecycle solutions and sensor technology, operators can closely monitor the condition of components and assets over time, monitoring for signs of deterioration or failure and planning maintenance accordingly. This is allowing rail operators to revolutionize their maintenance practices to increase efficiency and eradicate waste.

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  • R2M

    Trimble® R2M system provides a comprehensive view of fleet status including specific faults and identifies potential faults that may arise.

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