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Trimble CouplerView-CrossKey System

E-type coupler securement inspection

Trimble® CouplerView®-CrossKey is an automatic coupler cross key (draft key) inspection system that inspects E-Type coupler securement mechanisms at mainline operational speeds.

Trimble CouplerView-CrossKey system utilizes high-speed and high-definition digital imaging together with illumination sources to produce multiple high resolution images of every cross key (draft key) and the surrounding area for inspection. All cross keys (draft keys) are imaged from both the front and back, including the area under the center sill, for proper E/F coupler classification.

As failure of E-type coupler securement mechanisms may cause a car (wagon) separation or train derailment at mainline speeds the automated identification of possible issues is highly beneficial to rail operators to minimize incidents for greater operational efficiency.

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Key Features

  • Sophisticated image processing algorithms to assess condition and report detected defects.
  • Processed data and images are integrated into the Trimble CMMS™ (Condition Monitoring Management System) software to provide web-based access for data visualization, alarm management, and data analytics.
  • Works in the toughest rail environments and extreme weather conditions at mainline operational speeds.
  • System installation does not require any major track modifications.


Trimble CouplerView-CrossKey system inspections include:

  • Classification of E-type and F-type couplers.
  • Missing cross key (draft key) detection.
  • Missing retainer-pin (T-Pin) detection.
  • Missing cross key (draft key) retainer washer detection.
  • Missing cotter key detection.

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    Trimble® CouplerView®-CrossKey is an automatic wayside detection system that inspects E-Type coupler securement components at mainline speeds.

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