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Car (wagon) structural components (undercarriage) imaging & inspection

Trimble® CSCView® is an automatic undercarriage imaging and inspection system that uses high quality images to inspect undercarriage structural components of all rolling stock types at mainline operational speeds.

Inspection and measurement of undercarriage structural components, at mainline speeds, even in tough environments, day or night

Automated inspection of hard to reach undercarriage components

CSCView is highly effective for the inspection of all undercarriage components for passenger and freight trains. The inspection of car (wagon) components which are only visible from the bottom has always been a challenge for railway operators.

It automates the inspection of undercarriage components such as brake rigging components, center and side sill, couplers and coupler components, jacking plate, and more.

Sophisticated image processing with alarms that alert to issues

CSCView uses multiple cameras to capture different areas of the car undercarriage with different angles of view. Specially designed lighting systems are deployed with the system to provide ample illumination and withstand the harsh railroad track environment.

The system operates with line scan imaging technology and produces high resolution images of virtually all visible components under the car. It is installed under the track and is housed within steel tie (sleeper) structures.

Dramatic time and cost savings, versus manual inspections

Excellent image quality to confirm if bolts or yoke pins are missing. Complete inspections quicker, minimizing time taken, costs, and issues that disrupt service.

Rolling stock stays in service for longer

With accurate measurements at mainline operational speeds there is minimal disruption to rolling stock schedules.

Limits risk to personnel, works 24/7, even in tough environments

CSCView works in even the toughest environments and at night so field workers are not in unpleasant or unsafe working conditions thereby reducing the risk to their safety.

Digital accurate records, with automated alerts of issues

Providing digital records that are usable across operations and maintenance CSCView reduces manual and paper-based workflows saving time and money. Critical issues are flagged and reported automatically so that corrective actions can be taken with less impact on service.

Inspections & Measurements

Trimble CSCView system inspections and measurements include:

  • Floor support inspection.
  • Center sill crack detection.
  • Brake beam inspection.
  • Missing bolt(s) detection for coupler and draft gear carrier plates.
  • Missing knuckle pin detection.
  • Missing uncoupling lever detection.
  • Draw gear bottle and follower block separation.
  • Axle scoring detection.
  • Bent headstock detection.

Depending on the rolling stock types and requirements, the system’s inspection and measurement outputs may require optimization or customization.

Trimble CSCView system provides a full image of the undercarriage area that will include different car (wagon) parts and components:

  • Truck (bogie) underside
  • Hopper doors dump gates and their locking mechanisms bottom view.
  • Center sill.
  • Side sill (with side boxes).
  • Coupler area.
  • Axle area.
  • Brake beams
  • Truck bolster.
  • Tanker caps bottom view.

Using Trimble CSCView image outputs many other measurements, inspections, and detections of the condition of parts and components in the undercarriage area are possible, though may require the development of further Machine Vision Algorithms (MVAs) depending on requirements.

System Features

  • Bi-directional system.
  • Inspection and measurement at mainline operational speeds.
  • Operates in extreme environments.
  • Installed in track using a steel sleeper (tie).
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Air purge unit for system cleaning.
  • Automatic defect reporting.

Software Features

  • Digital image acquisition/processing.
  • AEI (RFID) integration.
  • Automated reporting.
  • Web-based interface and database for data visualization and analysis (with Trimble CMMS™ (Condition Monitoring Management System) or TrainWatch™ software).
  • Remote monitoring/control.


  • Locomotive
  • Freight & heavy haul
  • High speed
  • Passenger
  • Metro
  • Tram

Installation Location

  • Mainline
  • Depot
  • Yard

Power Requirements

  • 110V AC or 220V AC
  • 9kW

Periodic Maintenance

  • Annual inspection & service.
  • Quarterly inspections.

Installation Position

  • In track/steel sleeper (tie).

Remote Diagnosis

  • Yes

Automated Health Reporting

  • Yes

AEI/RFID Integration

  • Yes

Air Purge Unit

  • Yes
Specifications subject to change without notice.


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