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Rolling stock resource allocation

Trimble® D2M is a rolling stock allocation and management system that provides on the day control of resources to maximize utilization and delivery of rail services and minimize disruption.

Streamline rolling stock allocation and management

Enhance rolling stock allocation

The Trimble D2M system manages rolling stock allocation and schedules to meet train plan, service, and timetable requirements. With a single view, fleet controllers can manage allocation, deallocation, reallocation, swaps and special traffic whilst receiving information from the operator’s maintenance management system. Operational staff and maintenance teams can obtain up-to-date information on unit/set allocations to services and track key usage data such as mileage accumulation for fueling and maintenance.

Trimble D2M integrates with a train operator’s maintenance management system of choice. This seamless integration gives enhanced visibility to engineering and operation teams and minimizes outdated and time consuming manual processes.

With access in Trimble D2M to fuel levels, distance to next examination, ability to set operational restrictions, and insight into engineering restrictions, fleet controllers have the data they need to efficiently manage rolling stock allocation.

Improve service efficiency

To meet ever increasing customer expectations in terms of punctuality and to avoid penalties caused by service delays, Trimble D2M helps manage disruption to service with efficient rolling stock allocation workflows.

Reports from Trimble D2M help fleet performance teams analyze adherence to timetable to understand where variations have occurred.

User friendly intuitive interface

An easy-to-use modern interface minimizes training and maximizes the use of Trimble D2M’s functionality from integrated task management to configurable operational restriction fields.

Mobile operatives like station staff can run Trimble D2M on mobile devices to access up-to-date information wherever they need to be.

Reduce service disruption and minimize costly delays

Streamline the allocation process and minimize disruption to services, resulting in lower running and maintenance costs.

Efficient workflows between maintenance and allocation

Using Trimble D2M gives fleet controllers access to real-time data including information from engineering maintenance systems so they have the data and workflows needed to efficiently manage rolling stock allocation.

Minimize outdated time consuming manual processes

Digital rolling stock allocation processes mitigate errors, allow access to current situational data and provide clear audit trails.

Optimize data usage with easy-to-use intuitive system

A modern interface with minimal training required maximizes the use of the Trimble D2M system.

A single view for easy stock allocation management

Break down data silos that can impede the rolling stock allocation process.

Interoperable with common railway industry systems

Remove dependencies on costly legacy railway systems whilst continuing to share information with wider industry stakeholders.


  • Allocate rolling stock to schedules at the start of the day
  • As required deallocate/reallocate and/or swap units/sets throughout day
  • Record special traffic (for example, to satisfy maintenance requirements)
  • Single view of the fleet disposition
  • Fleet controller task management capability
  • Warn of possible breaches of fuel level or exam regime thresholds
  • Allocation and distance information sent to maintenance management system to streamline production planning
  • Manage operational restrictions and view engineering restrictions from maintenance management system
  • Provide a read only view for example for use on mobile devices used by other operator staff
  • Update external systems used by other industry and infrastructure stakeholders
  • Extract data reports for performance reporting


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    Trimble® D2M is a rolling stock allocation and management system that provides on the day control of resources to maximize utilization and delivery of rail services and minimize disruption.

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