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E2M | Asset Owners

Rolling stock asset maintenance management for asset owners

Trimble® E2M rolling stock asset maintenance management system for asset owners maintains and manages key rail asset data, maintenance programs, and maintenance history.

Maintain and manage information overview for rail asset owners

Designed by rail experts for freight operators

Designed specifically for the rail sector Trimble E2M maintains and manages an overview for both asset owners and franchisee operators/maintainers of key asset and component data to streamline asset maintenanced management. This information hub facilitates the efficient management of maintenance requirements and helps to maximize the whole lifecycle cost of assets whilst improving asset reliability.

Streamlined flow of digital asset data

With the Trimble E2M system, asset owners can share data and access information from franchisees through the term of the lease of rail vehicles. This enables asset owners to implement maintenance regimes, approve technical improvements and modifications, update technical documentation, manage maintenance change control, and receive maintenance history from franchisees’ maintenance management systems in an efficient manner.

Safeguard technical condition of rail vehicles throughout their lifecycle

The data in Trimble E2M helps asset owners to measure rolling stock reliability and to ensure the effective transfer of railway vehicles to and from franchisees. Tracking maintenance in Trimble E2M safeguards the technical condition of leased railway vehicles throughout their lifecycle and assists with meeting the requirements of government and regulatory agencies.

Clear overview for all stakeholders

Share information between leasing company and franchisees across term of lease. Access overview and share updates for efficient management of rail assets and their maintenance throughout term of the lease.

Complete asset defect history and audit trail for traceability and costs savings

Monitor defect history over time to prevent repeat defects and optimize asset reliability. Identify and reduce repeat defects by identifying the true cause of the defect minimizing costly rework and reducing labor costs.

Full oversight and complete control of maintenance plan

Maintain overview of current maintenance status. Ensure assets maintained on time in accordance with the maintenance schedule.

Improve safety

Effective control of safety critical work minimizes safety issues by driving reliability and mitigating failures.

Traceability of shared critical components

Full oversight on shared critical components such as wheelsets.

Document management integration and dissemination

Maintenance tasks linked to maintenance documentation stored in quality management system.


  • Manage fleets by each operator/maintainer, transfer assets between operators/maintainers, and introduce new assets
  • Schedule campaigns for operators/maintainers to complete
  • Define maintenance regimes for fleets and manage operator/maintainer sign off for maintenance change control
  • Receive updates automatically from operators/maintainers when exams and campaigns are completed or defects resolved
  • Customize reports
  • Report of planned vs actual maintenance completed
  • Define complete asset tree including material requirements for all sub-components
  • Swap and track components across assets
  • Interface to external maintenance management systems to receive updates from operators/maintainers directly
  • Transfer asset history between operators/maintainers for full visibility of asset history
  • Manage operator/maintainer user access
  • Receive alerts when maintenance not completed on schedule


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    E2M | Asset Owners

    Trimble® E2M rolling stock asset maintenance management system for asset owners maintains and manages key rail asset data, maintenance programs, and maintenance history.

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