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In-Depth Focus on A Digital Future for Rail Freight Trimble Rail Expert’s Contribution

Daragh Lowry, Trimble Rail Sales Director, gives his perspective on technological innovation for the rail freight sector.

As part of A Digital Future for Rail Freight In-Depth Focus edition, Global Railway Review asked a panel of experts for their input on the following topic. Read here the input from Daragh Lowry, Trimble Rail Sales Director.

Do you think the rail freight sector has a positive attitude towards innovation to increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of rail freight transportation?

The rail freight industry is ready for innovation. The freight sector must look to be resilient, market-responsive, and future oriented, and technology is one of the areas where the freight sector can drive innovation and growth. Performance and management of rolling stock maintenance is of the utmost importance to the economic success and safe operation of freight operations. By embracing technological innovation, the freight industry can accomplish efficiencies, improve profitability, and continue to be competitive with other modes of transportation.

Implementing Trimble’s condition monitoring solutions from remote diagnostics and wayside mounted non-contact measurement technologies, to predictive analytics and engineering asset management, improves operational efficiencies and performance. These solutions maximize the life of expensive components like wheelsets, enable maintenance cost savings, and increase the predictability of long term maintenance scheduling.

Worldwide freight companies have successfully implemented technology-enabled business transformation to improve safety, customer service, operational excellence, and productivity. Companies using Trimble solutions include major freight operators such as BNSF, Aurizon, Norfolk Southern, and Canadian National.

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Digital Future for Rail Freight Trimble Rail Expert Contribution

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