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In-Service Disruption Management

Monitor operational performance of assets using real-time and historic data to maximize efficiency and reliability

  • Build a holistic view of a networkBy leveraging the ever-growing data streams from sensors on-board rolling stock and installed within infrastructure, operators are increasingly in a position to build a holistic view of their networks assets. When these data streams are brought together, real meaningful insight can be derived.
  • Improving capacity via intelligent data capture and useReal-time asset condition data, centimeter-accurate location information, maintenance progress updates, environmental and situational data can all be used to improve operational decision making that can increase throughput on a network.
  • Mitigate the impact of disruptionTrimble’s range of rail asset lifecycle solutions and sensor technology play a pivotal role in disruption management, providing real-time actionable intelligence that can be leveraged to avoid disruption or mitigates its impact. By using Trimble products, operators can build a complete view of their network leading to significant capacity improvements.

GET IN TOUCHOn-board solutions. From operations through to maintenance and repair. Trimble's intelligent rail solutions improve utilization and reliability.


  • P2M

    Trimble® P2M system uses timetable, vehicle location, and real-time in-service performance diagnostic data to plan for optimal timetable adherence and fuel efficiency.

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  • D2M

    Trimble® D2M is a rolling stock allocation and management system that provides on the day control of resources to maximize utilization and delivery of rail services and minimize disruption.

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