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Performance Planning & Management

In-service planning and performance management system for operational excellence

  • Make the most of diagnostic data and plan for optimum performanceIn-service performance planning and management systems utilize timetable, actual vehicle location, and real-time diagnostic information to identify the root cause of delays and to plan journeys for optimum timetable adherence.
  • Optimize performance efficiencyIntegrating with control room and maintenance depot environments, these solutions analyze timetable performance and perform section delay analysis to identify trends as they occur within a fleet. Through a combination of journey planning and improved driver awareness, in-service performance planning and management systems maximize energy and fuel efficiency and help to manage driver behavior.
  • Know what to do when issues ariseTrimble’s in-service performance planning and management system provides operations teams with in-service recommendations when fleet failures occur to improve service punctuality and minimize fuel consumption. Direct integration with Trimble’s on-board cab advisory system keeps drivers informed about train performance and timetable adherence leading to optimal driving behavior.

GET IN TOUCHOn-board or wayside. From operations through to maintenance and repair. Trimble's intelligent rail solutions improve utilization and reliability.


  • P2M

    Trimble® P2M system uses timetable, vehicle location, and real-time in-service performance diagnostic data to plan for optimal timetable adherence and fuel efficiency.

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  • CAS Cab Advisory

    The Trimble® CAS cab advisory system is an on-board solution that informs drivers about train performance, adherence to timetable, energy efficiency, and advises of in-service corrective actions for improved operations.

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