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Data Analytics & Predictive Analytics

Turn asset data into predictive alerts and actionable insights with smart analytics and planning solutions

  • Digitization as a catalyst for innovationAs focus on innovation within the rail industry increases, many operators are looking to digitization to reduce costs and streamline processes. These digitization initiatives inevitably result in significant data volumes which require smart processing and analytics to provide actionable intelligence.
  • Analytics for actionable insightDeriving actionable insight from data is the key to improving efficiency and reliability across an operator’s organization. Via faster enhanced data preparation and contextualization, and the application of intelligent analytics, data can be modelled to show trends and patterns that would otherwise remain hidden.
  • Predictive analytics for rail providing greater operational awarenessTrimble is working within the rail industry to create meaningful predictive analytics solutions that reduce risk and boost efficiency. By using its expertise in optimizing the data value chain, Trimble is building tools that enable predictive operational awareness across an entire networks’ operation.

GET IN TOUCHOn-board solutions. From operations through to maintenance and repair. Trimble's intelligent rail solutions improve utilization and reliability.


  • R2M

    Trimble® R2M system provides a comprehensive view of fleet status including specific faults and identifies potential faults that may arise.

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