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Remote Diagnostics

Utilize on-train equipment and cloud-based software to deliver real-time fleet-wide remote diagnostic information

  • Remotely access rolling stock dataRemote diagnostics solutions process vast quantities of raw data from on-board systems in real time, providing a comprehensive view of overall fleet status and location. These solutions provide information of on-train systems and drivers’ controls, effectively providing a remote view of a train’s state.
  • Processes diagnostic data in real timeAutomated data processing via flexible rules engines can detect anomalies in on-vehicle component behavior to identify the status of component health and the possible impact this behavior may have on the vehicle and to the overall fleet. The automatic generation of actionable alerts and the ability to replay event and signal data that led to faults or incidents can significantly reduce the time to resolution of maintenance issues.
  • Optimize asset utilization & maintenanceTrimble’s range of real-time remote diagnostics solutions provide savings for the engineering, maintenance, and fleet operations managers of train operating companies that need to optimize maintenance programs, increase asset utilization, and improve fleet management.

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  • R2M

    Trimble® R2M system provides a comprehensive view of fleet status including specific faults and identifies potential faults that may arise.

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  • C2M

    Trimble® C2M system provides full condition monitoring of key components, such as wheels and brakes, reporting on defect identification, wear detection, and automating maintenance planning.

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  • NCU Control Unit

    The Trimble® NCU control unit is a rail industry approved on-board condition monitoring device that can connect to a large number of on-board train signals and systems.

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