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Resource Allocation

Streamline rolling stock allocation and management

  • Rolling stock allocation to meet operational requirementsResource allocation systems provide tools for the management and control of rolling stock resource allocation to allow for efficient train schedule planning and to track key data to guarantee optimal service delivery.
  • Automation for improved scheduling practicesBy accessing vital maintenance and operational data and integrating this data into train planning workflows, scheduling practices can be enhanced, minimizing the time to allocate resources. Running reports from resource allocation solutions help fleet performance teams analyze adherence to timetables and adjust schedules accordingly.
  • Simplifying the resource allocation process to maximize utilizationUsing Trimble’s rolling stock allocation and management system, fleet controllers can manage allocation, deallocation, reallocation, and swaps throughout a day of operation. With access to real-time data from engineering maintenance systems, the Trimble solution helps manage disruption to services with highly efficient stock allocation workflows.

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  • D2M

    Trimble® D2M is a rolling stock allocation and management system that provides on the day control of resources to maximize utilization and delivery of rail services and minimize disruption.

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