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Trimble TrainView-LS System

Full scale train laser scanning & inspection

Trimble® TrainView®-LS is an automatic full scale train laser scanning inspection system that uses 3D data to inspect each car (wagon) in a train at mainline operational speeds.

Trimble TrainView-LS uses a high speed digital imaging together with laser based structural light to generate three dimensional data for inspection and measurement of rail cars (wagons). Every car (wagon) body is scanned from both sides and the top to produce a full scale model of every train car (wagon).

By combining data from the Trimble TrainView-LS system with image outputs from the Trimble TrainView system a composite 3D data and image output can be created and used to improve automated car (wagon) inspection which can help maximize safety.

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Key Features

  • Sophisticated image processing algorithms to assess condition and report detected defects.
  • Processed data and images are integrated into the Trimble CMMS™ (Condition Monitoring Management System) software to provide web-based access for data visualization, alarm management, and data analytics.
  • Works in the toughest rail environments and extreme weather conditions at mainline operational speeds.
  • System installation does not require any major track modifications or extended closures.

Inspections & Measurements

Trimble TrainView-LS system inspections and measurements include:

  • Car (wagon) structural gauge and profile.
  • High-wide detection.
  • Car (wagon) load profile.
  • Load carry back.
  • Car (wagon) orientation detection (leaning cars).
  • Side walls inspection.

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