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Full scale train imaging & inspection

Trimble® TrainView® full scale train imaging and inspection system consists of multiple line and area scan cameras that provide images of the train at mainline speeds with high resolution.

Imaging and inspection of the outside of railcars, at mainline speeds, even in tough environments, day or night

Full scale train imaging and inspection

TrainView is designed to provide images of all externally visible components of a car. The images are then assigned to individual cars based on the AEI data so that car components are then ready for viewing and analysis.

The system uses multiple sensors and algorithms to pinpoint axle position, car beginning and car end positions, car components such as safety appliances, hand brake wheels, car identifiers, load limit identification, reflectors, car body condition, load securement conditions, etc.

Sophisticated image processing with alarms that alert to issues

Benefits to rail operators include assisting Carmen’s visual inspection process and providing timely maintenance alerts for defective car components. While most of the inspection process is automated, the Trimble TrainWatch sophisticated train viewing software can be used to perform a complete virtual train visual inspection.

TrainView is also of relevance in the security industry where the detection of foreign objects on trains is becoming a critical issue for the rail transportation industry.

Dramatic savings in personnel time and costs, versus manual inspections

Full train imaging system. Complete inspections quicker and minimize issues that disrupt service.

Rolling stock stays in service for longer

With accurate measurements at mainline operational speeds there is minimal disruption to rolling stock schedules.

Limits risk to personnel, works 24/7, even in tough environments

TrainView works in even the toughest environments and at night so field workers are not in unpleasant or unsafe working conditions thereby reducing the risk to their safety.

Digital accurate records, with automated alerts of issues

Providing digital records that are usable across operations and maintenance TrainView reduces manual and paper-based workflows saving time and money. Critical issues are flagged and reported automatically so that corrective actions can be taken with less impact on service.


  • Speeds of 0 to 60 mph (100 km/h)
  • Operating temperature: –40°C to 55°C
  • Capable of operating in extreme environments
  • Installed on trackside tower with no track interference
  • Easy maintenance
  • Automatic alarm generation

Software Features

  • Sophisticated GUI software for train viewing and car inspection (Trimble TrainWatch software)
  • Remote monitoring/control
  • Digital image acquisition/processing
  • Web-based database/visualization
  • Automated reporting
  • AEI (RFID) integration

Inspections & Measurements

  • Automated condition monitoring of many train components:
    • Side walls condition
    • Car ID and OCR
    • Car load limit identification
    • Reflector conditions
    • Load securement
    • Gauge reading
    • Foreign object detection
  • Safety appliances such as:
    • Hand brake wheel
    • Top chords
    • Running boards (long and latitudinal)
    • Rooftop handholds
    • Roof hatches
    • Handholds
    • Ladder treads
    • Uncoupling lever
    • End platforms
    • Sill steps
Specifications subject to change without notice.


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    Trimble® TrainView® full scale train imaging and inspection system consists of multiple line and area scan cameras that provide images of the train at mainline speeds with high resolution.

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